Our Story

A Lifetime of Experience

Garibaldi Hotel owner Kim Baney recalls her first job as a teenager: working at the front desk of her family's hotel. That was the beginning of a lifelong career in the business and on-the-job education in managing hotels.  Along the way, she gained experience in every facet hotel management, down to the smallest details.  From booking guests to cleaning rooms to selecting televisions and bed linens, Kim had a hand in it at some point along her journey.  Over time, she formed a unique vision of how to create a hotel that would provide an excellent customer experience without the premium cost that usually goes with it.

New Ownership, New Vision

Hotel Garibaldi would become the opportunity for Kim to make that vision into a reality.   When Hotel Garibaldi first came to Kim's attention, she immediately saw plenty of possibilities. She was drawn to the location and all it had to offer. With her experienced eye, she was able to spot areas of opportunity that were being missed by the current ownership, who were not experienced in hotel management. Kim realized that the performance could be significantly improved by applying some basic principles. And so Kim purchased the hotel and recruited her daughter Alison, also an industry veteran, to begin the task of elevating the hotel to its true potential.

What Makes us Special

Today, Hotel Garibaldi stands apart from the competition, providing a guest experience that exceeds that of considerably more expensive, “boutique” offerings at much more affordable prices. And the work goes on, as Kim is continuing initiatives to comprehensively improve the guest experience. No detail is too small, from special amenities for fishing enthusiasts to faster & more efficient internet connectivity, to a tastier breakfast. It all matters. And that attention to detail is why Hotel Garibaldi continues to set itself apart as the best value in Garibaldi and the surrounding coastal area.

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